Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Welcome all Tessellators!

Welcome to the blog for Brigitte Giblin's Tessellations BOM class. I'm Meg Hamilton -- I met Kathy Doughty when I lived in Sydney, and was a 'frequent shopper' at Material Obsession. Since then I have moved to Switzerland, but with the growth of the BOM classes, I've been able to stay connected to the wonderful, creative quilting community of MO.

The only drawback to taking the BOM classes long-distance is that I feel I miss out on the camaraderie of others in the class. So, you can imagine how excited I was when someone started a blog for the Sue Ross BOM class. That group is now about six months in, and it's been a lot of fun to see others' accomplishments and exchange info as we all work together. That blog is run by a class member, and knowing how much enjoyment I get out of it, I offered to establish one for this class.

Here's how it works: E-mail me at, and once I confirm that you're taking the class, I'll send you an invitation to participate as an author, meaning that you can both post and leave comments on others' posts. (Those not taking the class are free to visit the blog but cannot post or comment.) While I've started the blog, the content will be provided by the class members -- I will post if I have something to say, but no more or less than any of you. Please don't be shy! Frequent posts by lots of people keep things interesting.

I believe that Brigitte and Kathy will both join and may periodically comment. However, you will continue to receive all information for the class via email exactly as you have been. Joining is not a requisite for the class, nor will you miss any crucial information if you don't choose to join. It's just a fun 'extra'!

Look forward to seeing lots of great blocks here - good luck as you get started! Meg